You’ve made it, finally.

Welcome to my not so formal/could be more efficient, attempt at the Unanswered Asks concerning Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, CPTSD, Misdiagnosis, Medication, etc.,

I’ve kept me, in a most dedicatedly scattered form. Across journals, and letters, drawings and official medical results; Opinions and poems and portraits, all reminders to dispel what I’ve known. I was off to find the answers no one seemed to actually know.

Here you will find my Telling’s torn from the journals and drawings of past selves. Their purpose are to provide perspective to the public as I invite you to embark on my Mental Health Investigation. It started with a desire to get a more clear picture of me, much of my core memories were wiped by the many medications they decided would mix nicely in my highly sensitive, medication intolerant bod. I couldn’t hold memories for long at that time, so I stored moments in things I made, marking memories that I might return to see, read, to maybe some day take some small delight. Perhaps, someone some where might have answers. Until then, welcome to my collective of self. It’s less narcissistic than it sounds, more cold case analysis than anything. SO, proceed with curiosity. Proceed with caution. Just try not to proceed with hostile intentions. Brookerytales is my safe space for unmasking behaviors, societally and internally. As I expand my collective to consider other mental health experiences and tales, I ask that you push past what you think you understand about Mental Health hardships, and try to immerse yourself in our telling’s. Let us do the talking, it’s our turn.

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